Peace, Love and Herbs

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Yes I know I’m a day late to talk about Love and the Beauty all around. Time sure does fly by fast. As my mind wanders back to 2006 I remember one scared girl starting her own business. What do I know about running a business? Who will be interested in buying my products? What vision do I want to share with the world?

I guess 3 words sum it up for me!  Peace, Love and Herbs.  I think peace is a word that gets over used a lot.  When I talk about peace, I talk about Peace of Mind.  The feeling of calm when all is right. The peace of reassurance that everything will turn out ok. When a person is struggling from Health problems, they are constantly worrying about What is wrong with me? There’s so many uncertain health ailments that leave people worrying all the time. So for the number one reason of starting Mobu Herbals is in the hope of bringing Peace to so many in need.

My second reason for Mobu is Love. I love the feeling of Love. The only way I can describe Love is that calm and peaceful feeling when you are around your family and close friends. There’s such a warm and fuzzy feeling in your tummy it almost takes your breath away. My love actually extends beyond that. When I was treating patients from many different health challenges, I felt my heart expand with love and concern for each and every one of them. I have many patients that I still consider an extinction to my family. I am constantly praying for my family and friends to be kept safe and sound  from sorrow and pain in the world.

My third reason for starting Mobu is Herbs! I love how herbs can help people find relief with so many health issues. I love creating products. I can’t imagine creating any products without Herbs included in the mixtures. I like to make my Herbal Salves and then put them in Gold Pots. When ever I see gold, I think rich and life sustaining. I want to share my little gold pots with the world.  If you are suffering from any health struggles, such as Daytime and Night time pain, Anxiety and panic or ADD, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Women’s and Men’s Hormones. Energy and so much more. Please give my little Gold Pots a try. Free samples are available.

With Love,

Janell   P.S. Here’s a song that always make’s me feel Happy. Enjoy!

Thyroid Awareness Month

I’m so happy to hear that Thyroid Awareness Month is in January. What a topic to start off the whole new year off right. How many of you are feeling low energy, lack of motivation, unable to get off the couch and get something done? I have heard people say that they are so tired that their eyeballs hurt. What’s wrong with us? So many times I have talked with others who go to the Doctor for full check up knowing that something must be terribly wrong, but leave the office with a clean bill of health. Often times, the Dr. hands them a prescription for antidepressant, and tells them to go home and get on with life. Are we going crazy? I don’t consider myself crazy. All I know is I’m tired and overwhelmed. Low Thyroid  is considered the Invisible illness, Low immune system where your body gets run down fast, Fatigue, Depression and anxiety, stiffness and pain in the joints. The list just goes on and on.

Things to know: You’re not alone. There are so many others suffering from this condition. Support groups are out there to help you along this journey. Each day try to achieve one small goal so you can feel like you have accomplished something. If there are days where you can’t get out of bed, love your body and accept it instead of thinking negative thoughts that make you feel worse about your health.

Nourish your body with good wholesome foods and stay Hydrated. Green Tea is a marvelous Immune builder and contains high amounts of Antioxidants. Drink at least 3 to 4 cups per day for best results. Be mindful of your Fiber intake. People who struggle with Thyroid Health Issues tend to be constipated. If you aren’t having regular daily bowel movements, look for ways to improve your bathroom habits because  that could also be adding more health issues along the way.

In my journey of creating Topical products for I have created several products to help enhance others who struggle with Thyroid Health challenges.

EZLax Balm-An extraordinary remedy for constipation that helps facilitate easy, complete bowel movements. Relieves Gas and provides fast relief for Children, and the elderly who are bedridden or less active. Prefect for the whole family. Non Invasive and effective! Get the natural “flow” going with our herbal laxative. This will relax constipation and gas for the whole family. Just rub quarter size amount on belly and rub in really good. The results will amaze you!

Vitality Balm-Quick energy booster, enhances and activates a depleted, sluggish immune System, supports and energizes Adrenal, Thyroid and Endocrine functions, assists in regulating Menses, Strengthens Hair and Nail Growth, and helps to assist with people who suffer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Vitality Balm will give you energy, is non habit forming and Organic and not a stimulant like so many other products on the market. Ask for a free sample today on website.

Cheers to a Happy New Year! make it a great 2017











Happy New Year! Let the weight loss begin!

Wow..How time flies. 2016 already over and a new one beginning. Happy New Year’s to you! Are you relieved that the Holidays are over? Life for me sure can get crazy from Halloween all the way to New Year’s.  Stress levels run high, and demands seem to follow right along. How was your Nutrition plan during the Holidays? To be  honest…Mine sucked. I spent almost two weeks of Christmas time at the Trauma center from my mom being in a car accident. Have you ever tried to diet living out of a suitcase and at the mercy of hospital cafeteria and fast food? The sad thing is, now that I’m back home I still can’t seem to get back in the groove of things. The Diet Coke sitting on my desk needs to be thrown out and replaced with water. Easier said than done. For the past 20 years I have had a crazy practice and raising kids and grandkids my eating habits are out of control. My vice is comfort foods. I spend all my time taking care of others and their needs that mine just get shoved aside. I’m so sure many of you can relate.

Well…Here it goes…New Year…New Year’s Resolutions. Who’s with me? At Mobu Herbals there are some reps and customers that are starting a weight loss program. Not just any program! We are trying to eat healthy with the use of Slim Products from  I doubt I will ever see a size 5 again, but being a overweight Naturapath and  CEO of a company that promotes Health, it’s hard to keep living with this body. Do as I say but not as I do gets old pretty fast. Who’s up for the challenge? My plans for this new lifestyle are:

Slim Body wrap. Lose inches and tighten skin.

Move it…so I can lose it…45 easy walk and increase intensity every couple weeks. I’m gonna try some weight resistant training. Bottle of Diet Coke to my lips doesn’t count anymore. lol

1500 to 1800 Calorie diet. 400 to 500 calorie meals with 2- 100 calorie snacks. Greek Yogurt is yummy. Just watch for hidden sugars.

Slim Wrap 2 times week. This will help with Sugar Cravings and will help with skin tightening and inch loss.

Slim Stick Lip Balm through out day. This gives you quick energy and reduces those sugar cravings that sabotage your weight loss.

Slim Balm use 30 mins before each meal. Rub on wrists and throat area. This helps with overeating and helps stabilize Blood sugars. I love the Slim balm because it helps with the feeling of panic or like you’re gonna pass out when you start reducing calories.

Most important thing to healthy eating lifestyle….Water intake…Lots of it! The experts suggest half ounce per body weight. I think building up to this may be a good idea. lol  8 to 10 glasses of 8 oz water is a good place to start. I love to add Lemon to water. It adds flavor and Vit C. Your body will Thank you for it.

Cheers to your health. Let’s make this a great year!

Janell Cole

Diabetes and Obesity on the rise!

Obesity is becoming a wide and scary epidemic. Being overweight used to be a status symbol of the royalty being able to live high on the fat of the land. Now a days, being overweight has no social status and is effecting people all over.

Let’s talk about the Health risks that go along with Obesity. Diabetes is on the rise. With most foods being chemically processed, white flour, white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, it’s a miracle we’re still alive. Our body’s are being de mineralized and malnutrition. We are starving ourselves from real food while gaining weight by the pounds. Our blood sugar is skyrocketing and out of control. We are not feeding our bodies real food to keep it healthy. Body’s are shutting down and the pancreas has quit working on it’s own. There are so many people walking around without even knowing that they are Pre Diabetic or Diabetic. Their health is a walking time bomb and they aren’t even aware of it.

Heart disease is another real concern on the rise. It used to be older people were the ones dropping off dead from Heart attacks. Not any more! Men and women in their early twenty’s are starting to drop off dead from heart attacks. Can it be their bodies are not getting the nutrition it needs? The sales of Energy Drinks are amazing and scary! Our hearts were not meant for that much stimulation. Cancer is another major risk with being obese. It’s plain and simple! We are starving our bodies into being morbidly obese. Our body’s cannot keep up with the demand of staying healthy without getting some proper nutrition to take care of it’s self. Our body’s natural immune system is failing us. We are facing new diseases and silent killers in the new 21st century.

One thing is we need to realize that there is no such thing as a quick weight loss. To much rapid weight loss can cause bad side effects and trick your body into starvation mode and cause you to gain all your weight back that you originally lost, plus a few extra pounds. Reducing calories too low can cause Blood sugar drops that could cause Hypoglycemia. That’s another health concern.

Natural weight loss is the best for your body.  Slow and steady. Eating natural food to properly nourish the body is the best way. Eating foods with lots of fiber help the body to fill you up and to help with elimination. Eating a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables help with nourishment for the body. It provides you with all your daily vitamins and minerals. Whole grains, steel cut oats, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and whole grain breads are also good choices for natural food to eat. Avoid staying away from processed foods. No white flour, no white sugar, no white potatoes. Try to make these foods for special occasions only. Protein is also a must in losing weight the natural way. Try sticking to lean meats, such as chicken breast, turkey, extra lean beef, low fat cheese, and eggs.  Low fat dairy is also high in protein and calcium which is good for the bones.

Drinking lots of water, at least 64 oz keeps the body’s natural functions regulating. Green tea is very effective in giving the body a little extra caffeine and helping boost up the immune system. Green tea is also know naturally for it’s health benefits of lowering cholesterol and lowering blood pressure, just to name a few.  Also when you drink lots of fluids, you flush out old toxins in the body and expel a lot of water weight. Some overweight people hold a lot of water retention in their hands and feet causing edema which can be a health hazard on it’s own. So drink a lot of water and organic green tea and keep the body flushing out the toxins.

When trying to lose weight the natural way, you may wish to take a supplement to help keep the munchies under control. There are a lot of good herbs available that could help with weight loss naturally. Gymnema Sylvestre is one herb touted for maintaining blood sugar levels and making sugary foods taste bland. Kelp is also a great source for nourishing the thyroid naturally. It’s also a great source of Iodine which helps the skin and hair and nails, and aids in natural weight loss. Chickweed and Fennel are good herbs known for naturally flushing out toxins in the body. It gently helps flush the fat out and hydrates the skin.

I created a product line called the Slim Program. The Slim Balm is great for those trying to help curb the appetite and lower calorie intake while trying to keep Blood Sugar Balanced. It helps stop the sugar cravings, without any jitters that some diet pills may cause.  Rub dime size amount on wrists and throat area 30 mins before each meal. The Kelp in the Balm will increase your thirst levels, so drink up before eating.

Slim Stick for appetite on the go: This yummy Lip Balm comes in two flavors: Green Tea and Cinna-Slim.  Apply often to lips as needed through out the day for sugar cravings and dry lips.

Slim Wrap: This ThermoGenic Lotion is wonderful to smooth the bulges and help with Cellulite and fat loss. Apply to targeted areas and wrap with a plastic wrap and sit under warm blankets for an hour.

Our weight loss products on available to purchase thru the website or reps. Samples are also available to try.

In conclusion with any weight loss program, just remember to start off slowly and to not think about the whole process. It can be overwhelming at times. Concentrate on daily goals and you will see the end results if your are patient.


Constipation. We’re so full of Crap!

As a practicing holistic doctor, I see a lot of people who come to me with all sorts of symptoms of aches and pains, some unable to get out of be because they lack the energy, or pain tolerance to even move.

If you were ever asked your opinion of where most diseases start…would you ever think to answer “The Colon”?

Have you ever imagined living on top of a two story building with the bottom story being a sewer waste dump? Can you imagine what it would smell like if it wasn’t dumped every day? It would be a health hazard waiting to happen. How long do you think you could continue to live there without struggling with health complications? The putrid and garbage would cause so many toxin build ups that would destroy your healthy immune system and make you very sick.

So…How many times a day do you poop? Have a BM or go number 2? So many names for such a personal matter.

Constipation is your waste dump needing to be emptied everyday. There can be many reasons why you’re not going to the bathroom 30 mins after you eat, which is the most ideal for your body. Some people experience abdominal pain with excessive gas bloat,or beer belly which can be from a spastic colon. or too much Candida in the bowel.  There’s IBS, Chrohn’s disease, Diverticulitis to name just a few.  Diarrhea can also be part of bowel problems because there can be a partial block only allowing watery stools to pass by. If your poop doesn’t float and come out fast when you sit on the toilet, you can be sure there’s extra fecal matter in your colon. A few things to help get your bowels regular are:

1. High Fiber Diet. Try to avoid all foods that have been processed. No foods with white flour or sugar in it. Whole grain breads, fruits and veggies are best. Snack on high fiber foods such as nuts, raisins, carrots and celery, popcorn, and apples. Try to eat at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber each day. Go easy when increasing fiber intake, it can cause extra uncomfortable gases and bloating until your body gets used to it.

2. 8 to 10 glasses of water. Drinking water is the best way to help flush out the body’s toxins and to increase bowel movements. In warmer climates, add 4 more glasses per day. During the colder months it is actually easier to get dehydrated. When you’re thirsty…too late…you’re already dehydrated.

3. Exercise. You need to move your body, to help stimulate peristalsis in the colon to get your bowels moving. Mini trampolines or re-bounders are the best exercise to increase bowel functions. I like to have my clients jump 10 mins a day for bowel health. Walking is also another exercise that helps keep the body healthy.

4. I’m actually happy to say there is a great alternative to a laxative that is non invasive and nothing to drink or pop a pill to get stubborn stools to loosen up.  E.Z. Lax Balm was created for the stubborn stools in mind. Rub on belly from lower right side to the left lower side. You will feel gases start to release which is the Peristalsis starting to move which will in turn produce successful elimination.

So in conclusion I would just like to say. Going to the bathroom on a regular basis is a good habit to establish. Be mindful of your diet and water intake, and if the need arises…There is a topical balm that can help get the crap out!  Literally! dsc_9978

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

As a practicing Holistic Doctor, I get to meet all kinds of clients with all sorts of issues. As the question of the stability of our economy keeps arising, many people are having many signs and symptoms of panic attacks, depression and anxiety, and heart palpitations. The effects of stress alone can cause so much emotional strain on the body.

There are some types of stress:

1. Stress and divorce.
2. Stress in the workplace.
3. Holiday Stress.
4. Death of a loved one.
5. Post traumatic stress, either from the war, or something very eventful in your life such as abuse, car wreck,etc.

Working through the hard times in your life can be a hard road ahead, but achievable. Emotional support is always a good way to work through things. Having a support system is so important because everyone needs the help from at least one other person to get through the tough times. Stress management is also a good thing to do.

Look for the passion in your life. What motivates you? Take up a hobby that you’d like to do. Commit yourself for going for a walk around your block once a day. Getting fresh air can cure the blues. What about a family pet? It has been documented that pet owners are happier people than those who don’t have a pet. Help someone in need. When you’re busy helping other people it makes your problems seem so less important.

Panic Attacks make you run away. Stop the anxiety and quit running from your fears. Take action with stress relief products. You can feel safe again. Some people who keep having recurring panic attacks, find relief through less intake of caffeine. Sometimes you can just get jittery and nervous from drinking too much coffee, soda’s, energy drinks and chocolate. Try drinking herbal teas, decaffeinated coffee and lots of water. Take walks and take time out to enjoy each and every moment. Life is short and needs to be enjoyed at all times. If depression keeps bringing you down,and anxiety and or panic attacks are effecting your way of life, seek the help of a medical professional.

Christmas is the happiest time of year. Well so they say. This is not the case for many people. Finances, depression,  no support of loving family and or loss of someone special, can all cause so much sadness and turmoil for your body. If this or anyone you know if suffering from some depression or Anxiety try finding something soothing to relax you.

Kava Calm Balm was created for my patients that were suffering from severe Panic Attacks and Anxiety. Try rubbing Kava on the chest area to help bring down the heart palpitations. You should find relief in just minutes. For other calming ideas, try rubbing Kava on the feet or neck and shoulder areas to help calm down the body and mind. You will get a fast feeling of calm and relaxation. Make sure not to operate heavy machinery equipment or drive a car until you know how you feel with the Kava. It is very relaxing!  Also..Beware…There is a musky smell to Kava thanks to the herb Valerian Root in it. The smell goes away in minutes but the calming effect stays around for hours.

Happy Holidays:


Daytime and Nighttime Pain

One question that I often get asked is why did I create two types of pain balms. My answer is simple: Pain is not created equal. During the day when you are suffering from any type of pain, you need to have it stopped immediately so you can continue going about your day. Many people suffering with any kind of Arthritis, or RA or any Chronic Health conditions, might find it challenging to even get out of bed. A.M. Pain Balm was created for people like that in mind. Let’s take Migraines for example: It’s hard to even keep your eyes open let alone focus. You need something to stop the pain immediately so you can stay awake and keep going with your day. Someone suffering from Health conditions might find it difficult to get out of bed due to the pain or their body not cooperating with movement. By applying the A.M. Pain Balm it immediately stops the pain within minutes, and most people find it possible to move their body enough to get out of bed. With Chronic Migraines or Headaches or even Fevers, relief is just minutes away. Rub all over temples and behind neck and ears to get fast results. I love to tell the story about how our body is electrical and when you touch a hot stove with your finger, you can feel the burn all the way to your big toe. That’s exactly how how body responds to applying the balm. No matter where you put it, you will get results because our body is all connected. When you swallow a pill, you don’t need to tell it where to go to help with your condition. You just pop the pill and hope for good results. This is the same way, only faster. Most pills you have to wait for 20 to 30 mins until you find relief. With Topical Balms you get results much faster.

So to sum up the last few words on Daytime Pain…If you find yourself with body aches and pains of any kind, or you suffer from Lupus, or Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, M.S., Chronic Migraines, Sciatica, Joint Pain, Just to name a few…Try A.M. Pain Balm. It just may be another partner in your pain control.

Night time pain is a whole new subject on it’s own. When you need to sleep and you’re in pain, it’s hard to find your comfortable position. I created P.M. Pain Balm to help stop pain fast, and to help the body relax and promote sleep. The herbs that are in it are natural Muscle Relaxers. It helps the body unwind and repair while sleeping. I have M.S. sufferers that find they can move more freely while using the P.M. Pain Balm. People that suffer from Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Snoring, TMJ, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, IBS, and many Spoonies find comfort with this product.

I hope this info adds a little more knowledge about 2 of our pain products. As we’re approaching the Holidays, many people suffering find it hard to find peace and to enjoy the festivities. Take time to be good to yourself. Bubble Baths and a good book, and a good cup of tea. Whatever may be your comfort, I hope you find it.

Much Love and Happiness to your Health:)



Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Please discuss any health concerns with your health care provider.PM Pain BalmAM Pain Balm

Exhausted and Overwhelmed

Fatigue in the 21st century

Are you a victim of over abusing your body? Do you drag yourself into bed at night, and then 5 to 6 hours later, you are dragging your butt out of bed? Why are we in such a hurry to rush our life away? Well, as so many people, I fall in this same category.

The conference in New Mexico that I just attended, “The Traditions in Western Folk Herbalism”, really opened my eyes to many new things. First off…I need to slow down in my life and smell the roses! I need to take time and enjoy my surroundings. I wake up in the mornings and grab a diet coke to help wake my body up. It’s a wonder my body is still working.

In my practice, I see a lot of people who come to me in very slow motion. They are lacking energy, with body aches from head to toes. They have been sent away from their Medical Dr’s with handfuls of prescriptions saying it’s all in their heads, that there is nothing wrong with their health. As I start working with my clients, I investigate their life patterns, and it is obvious that they are suffering from extreme fatigue.

What is fatigue?  Fibromyalgia…Chronic Fatigue…Exhaustion…Depression…Exhausted Adrenals… In my personal opinion, it all falls into the same category! We are burning the candle at both ends, and the flame has just burned out! I would like to challenge everyone to go for a walk around your neighborhood. Get some fresh air. Take your dog or your loved one with you. Enjoy your surroundings. Take in the scenery. Stop and literally smell the flowers or bushes along your path. Take off your shoes and go barefooted. Being grounded to the Earth does wonders for the body and soul.

When you get up in the morning, take a hot and cold shower. It helps get the blood flowing and helps strengthen the immune system. Hot and cold water therapy has been used for thousands of years with amazing results. Hippocrates the Father of Natural healing was known for his knowledge of hot and cold water applications. Alternating hot and cold water is a great body balancer. It will give you lots of energy and help you get your morning going.  Hot water draws old and tired blood out of the internal organs and helps with circulation and opens up the pores to pull out toxins. Cold water sends fresh blood back to the organs and nourishes the core of the body. You should do a couple of cycles of hot and cold water and the finish up with the warm water. This water therapy alone has been known to help with depression and other life threatening illnesses.

In the evening, take  time to unwind and finish up your day with a relaxing cup of herbal tea. I recommend herbs that have a relaxing effect such as: Kava Kava, Chamomile, Passionflower, Skullcap, Peppermint or Spearmint,  just to name a few. Sleepy time tea is also a popular one. Give one of them a try and find your favorite. Add honey or Agave Nectar to taste. If you still need a little extra relaxation, try rubbing on some Kava Calm Balm or Kava Calm Lavender Lotion. Rub all over shoulders and neck and or rub on feet. You will feel a calm almost immediately and will truly be able to relax and unwind.


News Flash…It’s Just a Hot Flash

I remember back ages ago, watching my mom stick her head in the freezer section at the grocery store. She would say” Is it hot in here, or just me?”  Going through Peri Menopause and Menopause is just a part of life, but it sure can make life miserable.

Going through the change can be scary for some women. Body appearances start to change. Lack of periods or periods every other week can make a person go insane. You start to feel warn out and tired and very moody. Our body goes thru a Estrogen imbalance that makes life almost not bearable. Weight gain, hair loss and new hair growth on places that you should never get hair. Hair on my chiny chin chin. Not very appealing. Do you find yourself rolling up your breast to stick them in your bra? Wow…to be back in my early twenties.

So what can we do as women to prepare for the nasty changes in our life? Acceptance is the first thing. The change is normal and all women go through it. Wearing layers of clothes is a good practice. As the hot flashes appear, you can take off layers. As you get cold, there’s clothes to put on.

Balancing cream for Hormones is a great tool. There are a lot out there that are chemical free and Organic. Mobu Herbals has a Balancing Cream called Women’s 35+. Available in Balm or lotion. Look for products that contain Wild Yam, and Black Cohosh, along with Evening Primrose.

Be careful of your caffeine intake. That can cause a lot of fluctuation with your Hormones. Drinks lots and lots of water.

Exercise can be your best friend. Walking is perfect. Just get outside and do it.Rebounding on a Mini Trampoline is also perfect.

Talking with other women who are going through the change make wonderful support. Knowing you are not going thru this alone is a comforting feeling.

Take care of yourself. You are not alone:

Wishing you success on your health journey:

Janell Cole


Skin….Your Largest Organ of the Body.

SKIN! Your largest organ of the body

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ in your body? I know it’s kind-of hard to even imagine your skin part of a organ, but we can compare it so you will understand. Take your car for a moment….your car wouldn’t go too far without a engine? Right? Now picture your hot rod engine just sitting on the block with no shell to take it anywhere? Now…let’s build the body like it was a car. Our skin is the shell of our car. Without it, we would have nothing to protect our engine with. Our skin takes the most beating of our body. It filters out the harmful things that can attack our body. Have you ever wondered why some people have more acne or psoriasis or eczema or other rashes? It’s our body trying to rid the poisons thru our skin. Pretty fast transport too.

I have lots of people asking why I started Mobu Herbals? How did you come up with applying topical applications to penetrate thru the skin?
My answer is this: I came up with this solution thru pure desperation. I was seeing lots of clients were who coming to me for parasite infestation. It seemed like all the herbs that I would give them orally would just pass right thru their body, unable to assimilate anything. I started taking my recipes that I would put in capsule form or tincture form and started infusing the herbs into olive oil. WoW…..WoW….How fast results came. I guess I never thought how fast the skin could transport something. Much to my excitement it’s pretty fast to get healing formulas into the body.

Since this old tradition is back (popular in the biblical days of anointing herbs and oils) and now here in the 21st century I would like to encourage everyone to be more aware of things that go in and out of the body. When you start to notice the skin breaking out…drink extra pure water….eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits to help your body heal itself naturally. If you are experiencing pain use topical balms instead of reaching for pain medicine. Be good to your skin and it will provide protection to you for a long time. There are lots of topical solutions for your every need from Mobu Herbals. Shea Butter for natural sun block to natural lip balms to keep your lip moist. Vitality Balm and lotion for you to increase your energy naturally. Please avoid drinking energy drinks. So many young people are having increased heart beats, and heart problems due to the consumption of these drinks. If you’re tired, take a nap..drink a cup of green tea..lots of options out there.

Have a great Hump Day.  Be safe. Drink lots of water, and be kind to your body.